About Us

FERNAS was founded in 1982 and specialized in; construction, energy generation, natural gas distribution & service provider, industrial production, underground & open pit mining, food chain and tourism sectors. Our group have done projects in the Middle East, South Asia, Turkic Republics and Turkey.

Our group successfully built the first natural gas storage facility project of Turkey. Besides that our group have completed numerous construction projects mainly in crude oil & natural gas pipeline projects, industrial facilities, hydropower dams, irrigation canals, highways, railroads, telecommunications, infrastructure, and superstructure.

Our Energy companies, with its total installed capacity of 485 MW, generates energy from renewable energy sources. Our renewable energy investments will reach 570 MW capacity after the completion of ongoing projects through its Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Power Plants and Solar Power Plants.

In 2007, FERNAS was awarded by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority to built and operate the natural gas distribution network for residential, commercial and industrial facilities in one of the major city in Turkey, namely Diyarbakir. Our company DIYARGAZ conducts natural gas distribution & service provider activities in the city.

Our group is aware of importance of industrial investments therefore we built 14 factories in different cities of Turkey. In these factories we produce; gypsum, plaster board, concrete lining, construction chemicals and vehicle braking systems.

FERNAS FOOD, which is a branch of FERNAS Group, was created to represent our company in the food sector. FERNAS FOOD consists of fruit gardens, juice factory, and cold storage depot. Through these investments our company exports food every year.

Our group of companies has planned investments in the tourism sector and has made a hotel investments in Bodrum / Turkey as the first step in this direction. Our Group aims to grow in the field of tourism.

Our group, which continues its quality services and investments nationally and internationally, intent to take its place as the leading company in the sectors in which it operates by the principle of maximum efficiency.



To create profitable and productive companies in national and international fields by using contemporary management techniques and technology, adhering to the morality and discipline, without any prejudice in the fields which we operate.


To contribute welfare of humanity with our services and investmentsin the fields which we do businesses.


Necat Nasıroğlu Foundation

Necat Nasıroğlu Foundation, which takes its name from our founder chairman, grants scholarships to thousands of university students every year. Necat Nasıroğlu was nominated for the honorary award by the Turkish Parliament with his help and sensitivity has received plaques of appreciation from many institutions, including the President of the Republic of Turkey. Besides that, in Batman province where our Group was established health centers, primary schools and condolence houses equipped and donated to relevant authorities. The foundation has recently completed Necat Nasıroğlu Faculty of Architecture and Engineering at Batman University and donated it to the University.

Free Scholarship for Students every year

Necat Nasıroğlu Foundation, which has contributed to the education of tens of thousands of young people who need financial support and grants scholarships to thousands of university students every year. Scholarships are for the successful students during their education and continue until their graduation.
For further information: necatnasirogluvakfi.org