Group Companies

Fernas Construction

FERNAS Construction, which was incorporated in 1982, is in the status of leading Company of FERNAS Group. FERNAS Construction, which has also focused on abroad projects since 1996, has successfully been representing Turkish Construction Sector abroad through the important projects it has undertaken especially in the oil & gas sector. FERNAS Construction successfully operates in Qatar, India, Iraq, Bangladesh and Sultanate of Oman. FERNAS Construction, which keeps moving on its way with its continuous and stable growth goal, has become one of the leading companies of sector in the fields of; industrial complexes, oil & gas, energy, road construction, hydraulic works, mining, telecommunication and building projects with its competent workforce, wide range of machinery park and strong financial structure.

Diyargaz – Natural Gas Utility Company

DiyarGaz is authorized to perform the natural gas utility activities in the distribution area of Diyarbakır city for 30 years with the License issued by Energy Market Regulatory Authority(EPDK). The Company supplies natural gas to the end-users in Diyarbakır city.

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Nas Energy

NAS Energy invested in HEPP project which has been sold by Turkish Privatization Administration. The company targeted projects for generating electricity from renewable energy resources and currently in this field.

Deniz Electric

The company was established for operating Wind Power Plants in Hatay (60 MW) and Manisa (10.8 MW) Turkey. The company has two Wind Power Plants (WPP) with overall 70.8 MW of installed capacity.  Besides, the company has right to increase its capacity up to 81.22 MW.

Kapıdağ Electric

KAPIDAG Energy was established for operating Wind Power Plant in Balıkesir, Turkey. It has one Wind Power Plant (WPP) which has 28 MW installed capacity. Besides, the company has right to increase its capacity up to 34.85 MW.

Fernas Gypsum

FERNAS Gypsum, which was incorporated in Batman in 2002, owns two gypsum factories in Batman and Ankara manufacturing  gypsum under the registered trademark of “ALL ALÇI”:

  • Batman Gypsum Factory: It commenced production in 2004 with the capacity of 300,000 tons per year. The factory, which is the 2nd biggest industrial facility in Batman after TÜPRAŞ Refinery, is the first industrial scaled modern integrated  gypsum factory of South Eastern Anatolia Region.
  • Ankara-Gölbaşı Gypsum Factory: It commenced production in 2007 with the capacity of 300,000 tons per year.
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Fernas Tourism and Hotel Management

Fernas Tourism has undertaken to represent our Group in tourism sector. The company evaluates all possible investment and conduct feasibility studies in relation to the tourism sector for expanding our investments in this sector.

Fernas Food

FERNAS Food is a group company which was established to represent the group in food industry. The company invested on Fruit Juice Factory, Cold Storage and Agriculture businesses.