Social Resposibility

Necat Nasıroğlu Foundation

The main foundation basis of the fund is to carry mass service to public and to youth, to have contribution into social and cultural development of the country, and to undertake some of the liabilities of the state. The fund aims at bringing participatory dynamics to social solidarity between students and graduates, having effect on social and scientific development, having impact on improvement of efficient, effective and high level of education services and creating participatory civil society movement within the framework of education services. The Necat Nasıroğlu Foundation every year awards scholarships to 1.500 students being successful in university entry exam and in need of financial support, without remuneration and without bringing any liabilities to students such as compulsory work. The scholarships are transferred to student’s bank accounts for 8 month period. Also, Necat Nasıroğlu Architecture and Engineering faculty building has been made and gifted to Batman University in Batman, Turkey. Besides that health center and school buildings completed by own resources then gifted to related government institutions. Mr. Necat Nasıroğlu awarded by many institution including; Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of National Education.

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