• MOU was signed with QSTec…

    29 March 2016, Tuesday

    Fernas and Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) decided to cooperate in the field of solar energy. Fernas and Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of solar equipment applications and R&D activities. This ...

  • Contract was signed for the LOT-1 with TANAP

    23 December 2014, Tuesday

    Our Company have signed the Contract for the 56″ Natural Gas Pipeline Project Lot-1, which have a length of 375 kms from Ardahan/Posof/ Türkgözü to Erzurum/Aşkale,  within the scope of Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (...

  • 36.500.000 tons of Coal Produstion Project in 18 Years

    14 August 2012, Tuesday

    Demir Export – Fernas Partnership in Soma ELI Directorate Eynez fields awarded DemirExport-Fernas JV for its Underground coal operation project, which is composed of preparation period of 3 years and operation period of 15 years. Scope of the ...

  • The President of Republic of Turkey at our Opening Ceremony

    26 October 2010, Tuesday

    President Mr . Abdullah Gül honoured the opening of the ALL Board – Plaster Board Factory , a subsidiary of Fernas Group of Companies Mr. President ABDULLAH GÜL has visited all board’s plaster board plant; a subsidiary of FERNAS GROUP of co...

  • Operation Rights of 3 River Type Power Plants for 49 Years

    18 May 2010, Tuesday

    NAS Energy Co. Inc., which is a member of FERNAS Group of Companies, won the tender for “Privatization of  Çağ Çağ, Otluca and Uludere River Type Power Plants, which is owned by EÜAŞ – Turkish Electricity Generation Co. Inc., by the Me...

  • LTI Free 1 Million Man Hours

    19 October 2009, Monday

    Celebration for LTI Free 1 Million Man Hours “LTI Free One Million Man-hours” is reached in FERNAS Construction Company’s for Fuel Gas Supply To Plants at Umm Bab Area in Qatar. This great achievement was celebrated in Qatar with the attendanc...