Aporny Surface Facilities Construction

Aporny Surface Facilities Construction Work (Kazakhstan) ; The scope of works included; construction of 3 x 2,000 m³ crude oil storage tanks with ancillary equipment, 2 x 40 m³ and 1 x 8 m³ underground oil drainage tanks, 16 m³ condensate tank, 4 x 100 m³ fire cooling water tanks, 25 m³ foam tank and 5 m³ potable water tank, supply and installation of 3 no’’s of fire cooling water pumps, 2 no’’s of foam pumps, 2 no’’s of potable water pumps and 2 no’’s of crude oil pumps with the capacity of 300 m³/h each, erection of process, water, phase, drainage and gas piping in various diameters and pressure classes, supply and installation of over-head crane with the capacity of 5 tons, construction of 600 m. crude oil discharge pipeline and 700 m. feeding gas pipeline, supply and installation of crude oil metering and heating units, supply and installation of 225 kVA stand-by diesel generator, construction of 2 x 3 km. overhead power transmission line, supply and installation of 6 kV/0.4 kV and 250 kVA transformer and switchgear systems, erection of grounding and lightning systems, construction of crude oil pump building, water pump building, operator building, laboratory building, concrete crude oil retention pool, sewage water pools, sewage system and inter facility roads and erection of fencing. (EPIC)