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1. Acceptance of the Legal Warning:

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5. Unguaranteed Conditions:

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8. User Notifications:

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9. Links to Other Sites:

From the point of providing easy usage for our website’s visitors, our site includes links and references to reach other websites with the potential of serving beneficial information. Including the links or references in our website does not give any responsibility to Fernas Corporate Group regarding the damage or harm arising from the content of these other sites. When you link to another site, be sure to review the legal warning and privacy policy of that website.

10. Governing law

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11. Modification of the legal warning:

Fernas Corporate Group, at any time, might review and modify the provisions and conditions regarding the website. When any provision or condition is modified in this legal warning, the notification about the modification will be sent to the website. As the modifications are also binding on you, it is better for you to visit and check the site from time to time.