Founded in 1982, Fernas Construction is the Group's locomotive company. Fernas Construction, which started its projects abroad in 1996, completed construction projects in Qatar, India, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Bangladesh and Oman. Continuing on its way with a stable and steady growth target, this company has many construction projects including industrial plant, pipeline, dam, irrigation canals, roads, railways, telecommunication, infrastructure and superstructure construction with its experienced staff, wide machine park and strong financial structure has completed many projects.


In its portfolio, NAS Energy INC. contains 5 Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP), Solar Energy Power Plant (SPP) in a total installed capacity of 140 MW. The company was awarded 20 MW Solar Power Plant licience, which was one of the first Solar licience tender in Turkey. The total installed power capacity of the company is 298.65 MW.

Baki Electric Production Ltd. has one of the largest wind power plant in Turkey consisting of 43 turbines with an installed capacity of 114 MW. The plant, which is in the company's premises, has the right to increase the total installed capacity to 126.5 MW by increasing the capacity with additional investment.

DENİZ ELECTRIC, which has Wind and Hydroelectric Power Plants. The installed capacity is 85.8 MW and have the right to increase the total installed capacity up to 96.22 MW by making additional investments in Wind Power Plants.

KAPIDAĞ INC. has a Wind Power Plant at the 28 MW installed capacity on the gulf of Bandırma. In addition, it has the right to increase its installed capacity to 34.85 MW by increasing capacity through additional investment.

DATÇA Wind Energy Electric Production INC. portfolio includes wind power plant in Mugla Province, Datça District with 12.5MW installed capacity. The mechanical and electrical assemblies of the turbines have been completed and were put into operation in 2018.

In order to carry out the natural gas distribution activities in the city of Diyarbakir, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority granted the authority to establish and operate the distribution system to distribute natural gas to the residential, commercial and industrial facilities located within the provincial borders of Diyarbakir Province.
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Our group of companies gave importance to industrial investments and established factories in Aksaray, Ankara and Batman in this direction. Our industrial investments are as follows;


  • Vehicle Break Systems Factory


  • Plaster Factory
  • Plasterboard Factory
  • Concrete Lining Production Facility


  • Plaster Factory
  • Teknogips Plaster Factory
  • Plasterboard Factory
  • Plasterboard PVC Facility
  • Plasterboard Profile Facility,
  • Pumice Factory
  • Construction Chemicals Facility
  • Concrete Facility

FERNAS FOOD, one of Fernas Group Companies, was established to represent our group in food sector. In this context, the company invested in fruit gardens, fruit juice factory and cold storage facilities. The company makes food exports thanks to these investments.
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Our group of companies has planned investments in the tourism sector and has made hotel investments in Bodrum/Muğla as the first step in this direction. Our group aims to grow in the field of tourism and continues to invest in this direction.

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