Supply coal and limestone Tufanbeyli

Supply coal and limestone to the Tufanbeyli Power Plant ;

The objective of the contract is to supply coal and limestone to the Power Plant of ENERJİSA, installed in the Tufanbeyli District, belongs to Adana Province in Central Turkey for 12 years. Scope of the work ;

-All necessary mine  operation activities such as preparation of all planning and engineering documents, exploration, dewatering, stripping (overburden and interburden removal about 7.500.000 m3/year) for extraction  of about 5.500.000 ton/year design coal.

-Extraction, preparation,  transportation and delivery 800.000 ton/year 0-60 mm size  required quality limestone.

-Operation of coal stock pile(capacity 450.000 ton) in the power plant area.

-Taking back of Power Plant residues and environmentally compatible dumping